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Khora Restaurant

We derive our inspiration from the traditional Greek table and reinterpret longstanding recipes with a modern twist.

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Welcome to the seaside

At KHORA, we aim to shed light on how innovative, tasty and refined Greek food can be.

Inspired from the Greek meaning for “small village”, KHORA has its roots in the sharing culinary traditions of Greece – where the experience transcends the food alone and is at the very core of our restaurant’s concept.


The meals we serve are the result of serious experimentation, some good laughs, long trips to the seaside and cherished recipes that have been passed down from generation to generation.

We take pride in our ingredients, may they locally produced with fresh suppliers or imported from the islands of Greece. The restaurant itself has a modern, yet rustic charm that welcomes you to the seaside, at least for the span of a delicious meal.

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